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Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (Advanced).

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About DCA

A Advanced Diploma in Computer Application makes a student well equipped with a profound knowledge of Computer Architecture fundamentals along with business and applications software, Database fundamentals, web-development fundamentals and web designing and internet.

Advanced Diploma Overview:

It also provides students the basics of computers and makes students proficient in Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Internet Operations, Software fundamentals, Database fundamentals and administration, programming in web-based application with HTML. Earning advanced Diploma in this core field of Computer Science provides skills to a student to be able to work in variety of fields such as insurance, finance, health care, schools, staffing services, Multi-National companies with software expertise and government agencies. And it also develops Advanced skills to understand and administer huge database applications powering the whole world, internet based applications opening a wide range of opportunities in web-designing, web-development and Database specific fields.

Course Architecture:

The course contents advanced IT related topics. They usually covers:

Computer Fundamentals.

Internet Fundamentals.

Microsoft Applications.

Internet based application architecture (fundamental).

Database fundamentals and administration in Oracle.

Internet based application programming in HTML.


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