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About C/C++

C and C++ are high level general purpose languages. C is developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T in 1970's and is a structured language and C++ is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell and is object oriented programming language.

Among millions of projects developed in C and C++. These few are enough to understand the worth of learning it:

C :

A2Command is a filebrowser based on CBM Command running on Apple //e, //c, IIgs.


Breadbox64 is a twitter client for the C64 that runs on Contiki. The source is available in the Contiki Projects Community.


Cbmsh is a unix-like shell for 6502 based commodore computers. The source is available at


A computerized voting system for demo parties that runs on C64:s. Of course it's not only limited to demo competitions, and the code is easy to port to other 6502-based platforms supported by the cc65 compiler.

FM Radio for C64

Timo has written a tool named FM Radio for C64 to listen to the radio.


The Atari Lynx Solitaire (source included) contains three games:

C++ :

12D Solutions:

Adobe Systems: All major applications are developed in C++:
Photoshop & ImageReady, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, GoLive, Frame (mostly C, some C++). Software for large-scale e-commerce.

Facebook: Several high-performance and high-reliability components.

Apple: OS X is written in a mix of language, but a few important parts are C++.

Google: web search engine, etc.Chromium browser,Google file system,MapReduce large cluster data processing.

Microsoft: Literally everything at Microsoft is built using recent flavors of Visual C++. The list would include major products like:
Windows XP, Vista, System 7, Windows NT (NT4 and 2000), Windows 9x (95, 98, Me),Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook). Internet Explorer (including Outlook Express)
Visual Studio (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro) (Some parts of Visual Studio like the Base Class Libraries that ship with the .NET Framework were written using C# but the C# compiler itself is written in C++.) Exchange, SQL.

Nokia: Mobile Communications radio-station/internet bridges: FlexiGGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) and FlexiSGSN (Server GPRS Support Node).
MSC/HLR, QT and Qt Creator: Graphics, GUI software for a wide variety of devices.
Most of the software for the N-series (and other "smart phones").

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