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Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Classes

img Suraj Sinha, Teacher


The Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses (DOEACC) is an autonomous scientific society under the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and is involved in training, consulting, product development, entrepreneurship and human resource development in information, electronics & communication technologies.

Course Architecture:

There are five computer courses offered from DOEACC:

O Level Equivalent to Diploma course. There are four papers in this level.

A Level Equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications. There are ten papers in this level.

B Level qualified students are eligible to apply where MCA Master of Computer Applications is a desirable qualification. It's equivalent to MCA, though the degree provided is called Master's Diploma in Computer Applications. For students doing B level after A level, there are fifteen papers, for students doing B level directly, there are 25 papers.

C Level M.Tech Level

Other than these, courses are also taught in bio-informatics and hardware.

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