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Honors Diploma in Computer Science (Advanced)

img Suraj Sinha, Teacher 6,000 INR

About HDCS

A Advanced Honors Diploma in Computer Science makes a student well equipped with a profound knowledge of Computer Architecture fundamentals along with business and applications software, software fundamentals, software designing and development, web-development fundamentals and web designing, financial accounting and internet.

Advanced Diploma Overview:

It also provides students the basics of computers and makes students proficient in Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Internet Operations, Software fundamentals, Software designing and development, Programming in C++, programming in web-based application with HTML and financial accounting tools like Tally. Earning advanced honors Diploma in this core field of Computer Science provides skills to a student to be able to work in variety of fields such as insurance, finance, health care, schools, staffing services, Multi-National companies with software expertise and financial accounting field and government agencies. And it also develops Advanced skills to understand and develop huge software applications powering the whole world, internet based applications opening a wide range of opportunities in web-designing and web-development.

Course Architecture:

The course contents advanced IT related topics. They usually covers:

Computer Fundamentals.

Internet Fundamentals.

Microsoft Applications.

Internet based application architecture (fundamental).

Software designing and programming.

Programming in high level languages like C++.

Internet based application programming in HTML.

Financial Accounting with Tally


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